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Trevor Noah can barely keep up with Trump’s lies

Photo: The Daily Show/Comedy Central

It’s hard work keeping up with the sitting president’s social media presence—that is, because of the volume, not vocabulary. There’s always a flurry of activity following any Fox News segment as well as other, more substantive reporting. He’s usually less than truthful about the information he’s dispensing, which means it’s become everyone’s job to catch the president in a lie, not least of which Daily Show host Trevor Noah’s.

Noah was prepared to welcome Trump surrogate Omarosa Manigault, the former Apprentice contestant and official Black History Month celebrant. But apparently, the White House was concerned that her appearance would draw attention away from the big news story of the day. And it very well might have, Noah supposes, before reminding the administration that the story in question refuted Trump’s unsubstantiated claims about illegal wiretapping.


In his latest effort to spin his gaffes, Trump adopted his more esteemed Twitter handle, @POTUS, to send out another spate of accusatory tweets. The added wrinkle here is that Trump tweeted that out while FBI director James Comey was meeting with Congress about that very subject, and no such assertion was made. Noah just laughed wearily about getting caught up in the ouroboros of deceit, presumably because fact-checking every one of the Commander in chief’s statements isn’t quite the job he signed up for.

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