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Trent Reznor has announced that Nine Inch Nails will be releasing new music in 2016. Hopping on Twitter (and bringing his total number of tweets up to a staggering four, two of which are about a Nine Inch Nails-themed art book that’s also coming out), Reznor announced that next year will see new music from the influential industrial rock group—along with some enigmatic “other stuff.”


The band’s last album, Hesitation Marks, came out in 2013, after a long hiatus that saw the group—whose often-shifting roster currently names Robin Finck, Alessandro Cortini, and drummer Ilan Rubin as members—give up touring for more than half a decade. Since then, Reznor has been largely occupied with his duties as Apple Music’s curation guru (and his recurring stint as David Fincher’s personal soundtrack machine), but it looks like he’s decided to throw off his corporate composer overlords to get back into the studio for himself, and the band that made him famous.

[h/t Consequence Of Sound]

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