Seems like all Trent Reznor does these days is eat, sleep, win Oscars, write two award-winning film scores in as many years, and record albums with his hard-rocking wife Mariqueen Maandig and their band How To Destroy Angels. Tasked with finding ways to occupy the other 23 hours of the day, the maverick composer/instrumentalist/producer/superhuman has announced he'll be writing for a resurrected Nine Inch Nails this year.

Reznor, who put Nine Inch Nails on an indefinite hiatus back in 2009, might just pick up the one-man industrial rock spectacle right where he left off. "It's all kind of hypothetical right now. When I sit down with a notebook and a little mini-recorder is when my bluff will be called, and then it might not happen at all," he says. "My voice as a songwriter feels like it needs to speak up or at least work out a little bit to not atrophy. I think I have something to say that feels unique to who I am right now, and that's when it tells me it's time to do something." [via Billboard]