The "half a loaf" that HBO recently gave Treme to wrap up the critic-and-network-championed yet low-rated series has been fully sliced, with the show now confirmed to return for just five more episodes, after the current season ends in December. News of its final, abbreviated fourth season was announced just last month, when creator David Simon said HBO had "fought very hard" to give them more timeā€”this despite Treme pulling the lowest numbers of any of its dramas, and generally being ignored in a thematically appropriate parallel to its Katrina survivor characters. Now that time has a definite beginning and endpoint, as the series begins filming its final run on November 5, and presumably its story about picking up the pieces through a combination of jazz, alcohol, and criminal investigation subplots will reach its conclusion sometime next year. Then, as with previous David Simon shows, you can begin really loving it, just to annoy him.