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Treat Yo Self to this compilation of the Parks And Recreation cast's favorite moments

Parks And Recreation is approaching its 100th episode, and to mark the occasion, NBC.com has posted a 19-minute video of the show's cast reminiscing about its favorite moments from the series. From comedy gold like Chris Pratt wrestling a possum or Leslie's campaign team stumbling across an ice rink, to emotional beats like Andy and April visiting the Grand Canyon or Ben's proposal to Leslie, it's a nice overview of the series, and a fun glimpse at actors simply enjoying their own show. Also, for some wonderful reason, Aubrey Plaza is interviewed in a tree and does birdcalls.

As a bonus, the video starts and ends with a delightful song-and-dance from overly literal newsman Perd Hapley—and we know he's an actor with a name, but we prefer to only ever think of him as Perd.


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