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Treat yo’ self to some Parks And Recreation-themed children’s books

This week marks the final episode of the much-loved NBC situation comedy Parks And Recreation, which wraps up its seven-season run on Tuesday. Once the finale airs and the community of Pawnee, Indiana vanishes forevermore into the fictional ether, fans of the series may well wish to regress to a childlike state in order to cope with their harrowing withdrawal symptoms. Luckily for them, BuzzFeed writer and illustrator Jen Lewis has seen fit to create a whole series of Parks And Rec-inspired children’s book covers, which should help them to do just that. The combination is really not that far-fetched, since with its eccentric citizens and truly bizarre laws, Pawnee is truly a modern American equivalent to Lewis Carroll’s nonsensical Wonderland. Here, in Jen Lewis’ lovingly-rendered series of illustrations, you’ll find such curiously-familiar titles as Where The Wyatt Things Are, Apriloise (billed as “A book for precious grownups, about a twentysomething girl who lives in Pawnee”), and the always-upsetting Goodnight Orin, wherein the community’s creepiest young citizen stares hauntingly through the window of a cozy-looking residence. Perhaps the only disappointments here are the characters not represented, including Ron Swanson, Perd, Li’l Sebastian, and (bafflingly) Andy Dwyer, whose life already plays out like a never-ending children’s book. It is difficult, though, to stay mad at a series which reimagines Tom Haverford and Jean-Ralphio as, respectively, Calvin and Hobbes.


And Donna Meagle, of course, knows what’s even more fun than a certain overgrown peach.

(via Sublime Cinema)

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