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Travis Scott is just giving away free money, apparently

Photo: David Wolff - Patrick (Getty Images)

Apparently discontent with letting Ludacris get all that “Rappers giving away money for free” publicity for himself, artists Travis Scott went full “Scrooge after the ghosts are done with him” tonight, throwing a big stack of cash out the virtual window. Scott—who, probably not coincidentally, just released a new album, Astroworld—hopped on Twitter this evening, declaring his intention to break up $100,000 of his personal money and give it out to fans.


And that appears to be exactly what he’s been doing, cheerfully sharing the wealth in $50 increments throughout the evening. We can only assume that Scott (and Ludacris, who’s been repeatedly buying people’s groceries, and Chance The Rapper, who’s helping to fund education in Chicago) are just the start of a new social movement, though, one in which the utter destruction and decay of our nation’s governmental structures forces the hip-hop industry to pick up the slack, creating a grim dystopia in which we all use our free Tidal trial to check out the latest JAY-Z album—or else.

Anyway, free money. Whoo!

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