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Transparent's musical series finale gives Judith Light the showcase she deserves in first teaser

Maura Pfefferman is dead. Long live Judith Light! That’s definitely the vibe in the first teaser trailer for Transparent’s musical series finale—an odd choice, to be sure, but not all that surprising given the trajectory of Light’s Shelly Pfefferman, who memorably staged a one-woman show aboard a cruise ship. The two-hour series finale, which premieres this September on Amazon, will follow the Pfefferman clan as they deal with the death of Maura, played by Jeffrey Tambor. The actor exited the show last year following accusations of sexual misconduct and harassment from Transparent co-stars Trace Lysette and Alexandra Billings. It wasn’t long after that Transparent creator Jill Soloway concocted the musical series finale, which will not only give the Pfefferman clan and their loved ones some closure, but allow fans to say goodbye to these beloved characters.

And honestly, Tambor’s Maura won’t be missed: At the close of the previous season, Gaby Hoffmann’s Ali was well on their way to embarking on a transformation journey that could have easily allowed for the focus of the series to shift to Ali. Light has also been utterly phenomenal on Transparent from start to—judging by this teaser—finish, and I’m completely okay with Tambor’s absence making more room for her and co-stars Josh Duplass and Amy Landecker. The series finale will also feature Kathryn Hahn, Trace Lysette, Alexandra Billings, and Shakina Nayfack, with songs like “Your Boundary Is My Trigger” and “Sepulveda Boulevard,” written by Faith Solloway.

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