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Transparent is getting a movie-length musical

Transparent creator Jill Soloway and co-star Judith Light
Photo: Greg Doherty (Getty Images)

Amazon’s celebrated Emmy-winner Transparent has been in flux for almost a year now, ever since multiple women involved in the show’s production accused star Jeffrey Tambor of sexual harassment. Tambor has since been fired and/or loudly quit the series, which has been forced to decide where to go in the absence of its central character, Maura Pfefferman.

Into music, apparently, is the answer to that, at least according to a new New York Times profile of series creator Jill Soloway. Soloway confirmed that Amazon will broadcast a movie-length adaptation of a musical version of Transparent that they’re currently working on with their sister, Faith Soloway (a former musical director for Chicago’s Second City).


It’s not clear if the Transparent musical—which Faith Soloway has trotted out in a half-formed way once or twice before—will serve as a stand-in for the show’s delayed fifth season, or if it’s a side project before the series proper gets back under way. (For that matter, it’s not clear if the show’s original cast will reprise any of their roles.) Either way, get ready for a lot of winking, semi-serious songs about a number of the issues the show addresses; past songs Soloway’s busted out for the project include tracks like “I Was The Lesbian First,” and “Your Boundary Is My Trigger.”

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