Transformers: Age Of Extinction

In the beginning of Michael Bay’s first Transformers movie, Shia LaBeouf’s Sam Witwicky goes to a used car lot and picks out a comically shitty Camaro as his first car. Despite the fact that even a shitty Camaro is awesome, Witwicky is very ashamed of this car and how difficult it makes picking up chicks, a common concern for high school students and Camaro owners. But he changes his tune when it turns out that the car is actually an alien robot named Bumblebee who fights to destroy the evil Decepticons alongside his fellow Autobots. Witwicky then joins Bumblebee and the other Autobots on a series of poorly written adventures, picks up several chicks, and meets a number of famous actors who were willing to be in a Transformers movie for (a hopefully big) paycheck, and it’s all because he bought a Camaro that happened to be a Transformer.

Soon, you’ll have an opportunity to buy a Camaro Transformer of your very own, meaning you might get a chance to live the fabulous life of Sam Witwicky. This comes from Transformers Live (via /Film), which reports that the automotive auctioneers at Barrett-Jackson will be auctioning off two actual, fully functional vehicles used in the Transformers movies, and they may or may not really be robots in disguise. The first is none other than Optimus Prime himself, a blue 1992 Peterbilt 379 with red flames and a huge Autobot logo above the grill. It looks a bit crummy as far as trucks go, but in the likely event that this truck really is Optimus Prime, nobody’s going to care that the interior of your alien robot is a little outdated.


The other vehicle is the Transformers: Age Of Extinction incarnation of Bumblebee, and it’s a heavily customized 1967 Camaro SS with Autobot logos stamped all over the place. It also happens to be the coolest thing ever, and that’s without counting the fact that it probably transforms into a robot who will totally be your best friend. Plus, the previous owner was Michael Bay.

The auction will roll out at the end of January.