Many credit Michael Bay as the pioneer of "Things running into cars and damaging those cars" footage, but evidence has surfaced, by way of side-by-side YouTube videos, that there's at least one scene in Transformers: Dark Of The Moon that uses the exact same scene from The Island, just with a robot thrown in. As some have pointed out, it's probably not the first time this sort of things has happened: Screen Rant reports that when The Island was made, Viacom owned both Dreamworks and Paramount, so in theory this isn't really a conflict of interest. (Weirdly, the guy who made the YouTube video might suffer the worst ramifications, for copyright infringement.) Is it lazy though? Yeah, yeah it is. $400 million for a budget, and Bay couldn't afford another Jaguar to tear into bite-sized pieces? Have some self-respect, sir.

See for yourself: