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Transformers 4 is definitely happening

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Confirming but also amending reports first floated in October, producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura tells MTV that, while Michael Bay is not necessarily shooting two new Transformers films back to back, he is indeed directing a fourth Transformers film that may or may not be titled Trans4mers, depending on whether Bay accepts the suggestions of morons on the Internet without becoming suspicious that they are just mocking him. (Maybe a little, but you should still call it Trans4mers.) Anyway, it’s now confirmed for a July 29, 2014 release date, which is far off enough to put everything—even our very lives—in question, meaning di Bonaventura could not verify rumors that Jason Statham was being considered to come and replace Shia LaBeouf as the last hope for humanity, and head-butt various giant robots. Di Bonaventura did say, however, that there will likely be an all-new cast for what he’s calling a “reboot”—though it nevertheless will still be a continuation of the already-established story, meaning it will almost assuredly still have robots smashing buildings containing women in tight clothing. No need to reinvent the wheel that is also a robot.


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