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Transform your vacation into the silent treatment with a stay in this Transformers hotel room

Those hoping to transform a romantic getaway into an awkward sulk should book at a reservation at Japan’s Asahikawa Grand Hotel in Hokkaido, which has transformed one of its normal hotel rooms into a Transformers-themed hotel room that is, more or less, exactly what meets the eye. For just $90 a night, you can relax among reminders of the intergalactic war between robots that disguise themselves as vehicles, in an ordinary room similarly cleverly disguised as a special “theme room” through the deployment of Transformers bed linens, posters, and assorted action figures. There’s also a television made to resemble the Matrix of Leadership, where you can presumably watch Transformers cartoons and movies while your wife “just takes a walk for a while.”


Those who want to spend a night in the luxury of a 9-year-old’s bedroom will only be able to do just that, as the Asahikawa is limiting reservations to a single, 24-hour stay—the better to accommodate the many other people who don’t want to scatter their own toys about their own rooms. The room transforms back into a regular room on April 25, so book now to see your partner’s face transform from a smile of anticipation to a grimace of slow realization. [via Kotaku]

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