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Trainwreck featurette

Trainwreck is full of actors famous for their comedic skills including Amy Schumer, Bill Hader, and Vanessa Bayer, but a new featurette from the film highlights an unexpected source of improv comedy: WWE star John Cena. In the film Cena plays the bulky boyfriend of Schumer’s monogamy-phobic lead. According to director Judd Apatow, the Adonis-like Cena was cast specifically so that Schumer’s character could be awful to him without losing the audience’s sympathy.

The video highlights Cena’s enthusiasm for improvising his lines, which Apatow refers to as “some of the strangest things I’ve ever heard.” As seen in the film’s trailer, Cena’s character gets into a confrontation at a movie theater where he takes offense at being compared to Mark Wahlberg. In outtakes, however, he also reveals his fear of fighting and his extensive knowledge of Public Enemy.

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