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Training Day getting prequel movie for everybody confused by Training Day, we guess

This, but younger. It doesn’t seem that complicated, right?
Photo: Warner Brothers (Getty Images)

Few Oscar-winning movies of semi-recent vintage have defied plans for expansion more aggressively than Antoine Fuqua’s Training Day, a perfectly nasty and fun little Denzel Washington/Ethan Hawke vehicle that’s now better known (at least in some circles) for the Chappelle’s Show sketch it inspired, rather than for its actual contents. That didn’t stop Fuqua from turning the “franchise” into a TV show in 2017, though, even if said show’s plans for existence past a first season were short-circuited by the death of star Bill Paxton just a month after it premiered. Now, Warner Bros. is going back to the Training Day well, having just put a prequel movie set in the same bad cops, bad cops, what ya gonna do universe in motion.

This is per Deadline, which reports that the prequel project is being written by Nick Yarborough, who’ll be setting this version of Training Day a decade before the original film. That presumably means that it’ll center on the actions of rogue cop Alonzo Harris as he gets roguer by the day, adjusting to a world that’s in the midst of the L.A. Riots; our condolences to whichever lucky actor has to attempt to embody the vibe and power of 1992-era Denzel Washington when taking on the role.


No word yet on who’ll be appearing in the prequel movie, meanwhile, or whether Fuqua himself will be involved.

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