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Another day, another TV show that's been revived by the Internet. This time around it's Canadian cult fave Trailer Park Boys, which originally ran from 2001-2008. Actors Robb Wells, John Paul Tremblay, and Mike Smith—who play the titular Boys and co-wrote the series' original run—bought the rights to the series back from creator Mike Clattenburg and his co-producers, and plan on filming a season's worth of new episodes.

The new episodes will air on Swearnet.com, a web portal created by the three actors. In a shocking breach of TV-revival protocol, the trio of actors did not raise the funds through Kickstarter, and have not yet turned to Kickstarter to fund the filming of any new episodes. It is possible they instead raised the necessary funds by selling dope at a Rush concert, or simply going down to the community college and teaching "Living In a Car and Growing Dope 101." 

Meanwhile, filming has also wrapped on a third Trailer Park Boys movie. The original was a mockumentary that launched the series; the second, Countdown To Liquor Day, followed the wrap of the series. The new one is titled Don't Legalize It, and should be released late this year or early next.


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