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Trailer for The Green Hornet debuts

As we mentioned yesterday, the trailer for the Michel Gondry/Seth Rogen update of The Green Hornet made its splashy debut last night, offering the first real glimpe (outside of these context-less set photos) of what Rogen did all those sit-ups for. Those who may have had visions of Gondry applying his usual bricolage aesthetic to create a more dreamlike or whimsical play on the usual superhero tropes will probably be disappointed; all the traditional trappings are at play here, from dudes walking away in slow-motion from big-ass fireballs to Gondry gratuitously reclaiming his “bullet time” technique for a quick gag with a beer bottle. However, anyone who hoped for Seth Rogen to play some variation on his usual jokey gregariousness will be elated, as his Green Hornet seems as ill-equipped to be an action hero as Rogen’s casting would imply. Should be interesting—though that January debut date still doesn't bode particularly well. [HT to Vulture]

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