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Trailer for Love, Antosha promises a moving exploration of actor Anton Yelchin’s short life

Anton Yelchin, a Russian immigrant who started acting as a child, starred in a number of acclaimed indie movies, in addition to taking over the role of Chekhov in the recent Star Trek movie franchise and the lead in Netflix’s animated Trollhunters series. He died at age 27 in a freak accident in 2016, when his car rolled into him and pinned him against his front gate, due to a defect that said the car was in park when it was actually in neutral.

Longtime editor Garret Price makes his directorial debut with Love, Antosha, which already got a favorable reception at the Sundance Film Festival. The film explores Yelchin’s life; Price has said that he especially focused on the actor’s relationship with his parents, professional ice skaters who emigrated from Russian when Yelchin was just six months old. Love, Antosha features conversations with Yelchin’s family and co-stars like Kristen Stewart and Willem Dafoe about the actor’s strong creative impulses, which went past acting and movies into music and photography, as is hinted at in this new trailer. It promises a compelling, inspiring portrait of a life cut way too short.


Love, Antosha opens August 2.

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