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The backlash against R. Kelly over allegations that he has kept women imprisoned in an abusive sex cult swelled earlier this year, culminating in Spotify’s decision to remove his music from its streaming service as part of a new “hateful conduct” policy. That policy was reversed in less than a month, but that didn’t stop the #MuteRKelly movement from continuing to speak out against the R&B singer. Now, Lifetime is getting ready to launch the first of two projects about the allegations against R. Kelly, with this one—Surviving R. Kelly—being a three-part docuseries about how a “fun, laughing, loving guy” can secretly be “the devil,” a “puppet master,” and a “monster.”


This trailer features some clips of the many people working with Lifetime to speak out against R. Kelly, with Rolling Stone saying that the series will include “over 50 interviews,” with appearances from John Legend, Wendy Williams, Sparkle, Tarana Burke, R. Kelly’s ex-wife Andrea Kelly, his ex-girlfriend Kitti Jones, and two of his brothers. The first episode will premiere on January 3, with the next two episodes airing on the next two nights.

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