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Tragedy befalls the Creative Arts Emmys as An Emmy For Megan fails to win any Emmys for Megan

Emmy nominee Megan Amram, presumably plotting her revenge
Photo: The Washington Post (Getty Images)

Prepare to rend your garments and give your teeth a gnashin’, faithful Newswire readers: The Emmys done fucked it up again. Because while The Academy Of Television Arts And Sciences voters might have a soft spot for rat-killing pickle men, they don’t seem to have understood the complicated, densely woven narrative structure of The Good Place writer Megan Amram’s recent documentary web series, An Emmy For Megan. I.e., give Megan a goddamn Emmy, please.

And yet. And yet. That is somehow not what happened at the Creative Arts Emmys this evening, with Amram not only losing for Outstanding Actress in a Short Form Comedy or Drama Series—the entire point of this whole apparently doomed endeavor—but also as a producer for an Outstanding Short Form Comedy or Drama Series. (Also for An Emmy For Megan.)


But never fear, AEFM fans: This is not the ending of a glorious, certain-to-win-an-Emmy-but-then-it-didn’t sprint. This is a marathon.

You might want to watch your backs, Emmy winners Christina Pickles and short-form series James Corden’s Next James Corden. 


Cue the ominous music, Megan, if you please:



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