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Tracy Morgan to star in FX comedy about helping others to live as healthily as Tracy Morgan

All those who have missed the haunting, melodious thrum of Tracy Morgan calling from your TV screen, like the rain forest yelling at you, FX has stepped in to fill the void with Death Pact. According to the network announcement, the single-camera comedy pilot stars Morgan as “a formerly lazy, pot-dealing assistant high school coach who returns to his hometown as a decorated war hero. He runs across three down-on-their-luck friends and former students and sucks them into his new radical self-help philosophy, which involves harsh consequences for failure.”

Consequences such as lingering self-doubt and a general feeling of malaise, or possibly something even more extreme, considering the show is called Death Pact—like, maybe Tracy Morgan yells at them for not measuring up to the standard of respectable living that’s being set by a Tracy Morgan character, apparently. The show hails from bar comedy vet Rob Long of Cheers and Sullivan & Son, The Guardian’s “Sexist Of The Year” Tad Safran, writer of the bros-gettin’-laid movie The Long Weekend, and Two And A Half Men producers Eric and Kim Tannenbaum. So, lots of other manly voices backing Morgan’s much louder one here, telling men how to be better men.


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