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Tracy Morgan tells pal Seth Meyers he's staying away from politics, citing "crazy motherfucker" Kanye

Tracy Morgan, Seth Meyers
Screenshot: Late Night With Seth Meyers

On a crazy motherfucker of a week, sometimes you just need a little Tracy Morgan in your life. For Seth Meyers, who spent his Thursday “A Closer Look” segment breaking down how Donald Trump has “lost his mind” desperately looking to distract people from both the looming Mueller investigation and the Republicans’ midterms losses, perhaps booking old Saturday Night Live buddy, The Last OG star, and guy daily erasing the distance between himself and Tracy Jordan Tracy Morgan was the ticket to feeling something other than sardonic rage again.

Tracy, as ever, was Tracy, delivering on whatever hopes Meyers may have harbored both for a garrulously funny guest spot and an anti-political palate cleanser. Jordan, indeed, told Meyers that he’s not going anywhere near politics in his act (or his late-night appearances), citing Kanye West’s recent, let’s call it, widely controversial public statements in support of (then sort-of against) Donald Trump. Pointing to West’s MAGA-hatted hijacking of his and Meyers’ old SNL stomping ground, Morgan stopped just short of calling West a “crazy motherfucker,” while advising the rapper against wearing his little red hat when he moves to Chicago, saying, “Somebody gonna gladly put than man out of his misery.”

As for any political leanings he might ever have, Morgan told Meyers, no way. Or, in Tracy-speak, “Politics is a pile of tricks.” (Morgan is, however, receiving the key to the borough of Brooklyn on Friday, which one can only hope grants him authority to make some changes.) Plus, Morgan noted, he doesn’t need the internet digging up things he said eight years ago that he doesn’t feel that way about anymore. (He, to be fair, would know.) Meyers, after laughing along through a segment’s-worth of Tracy joking about not wearing condoms, soaking Walmart even further for his horrific truck accident, and refusing to lie to his kids about Santa (“Ain’t no fat, jolly white dude bringing you nothin’”), retorted that theoretical critics wouldn’t have to go back eight years to find some dirt. “They could just watch this,” Meyers joked back, an assessment Morgan eventually agreed with. Before getting back to stupid old politics himself, Meyers got the Tracy Morgan love he was no doubt hoping for as Morgan noted that he, in their time together on SNL, used to bust into Meyers office at 3 a.m. just to make Meyers laugh. Meyers, in turn, thanked Morgan for taking care of new guy Meyers “from the beginning.” Honestly, for people who work until 3 in the morning (or tape their late-night show a lot earlier these days), a visit from Tracy sounds like just the thing to carry you through.


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