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Tracy Morgan phoning in a Donald Trump impression is still worth seeing

Tracy Morgan, while hilarious, is not a comedian known for his great character work. The character of Tracy Jordan on 30 Rock was really just a slightly exaggerated version of himself, and one of his more memorable SNL characters, Astronaut Jones, was a tongue-in-cheek reference to his own lazy commitment to a premise. But, last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Morgan premiered a new, thoroughly fleshed out character—LaDonald Trump.

While Kimmel was in the middle of a monologue about the president’s unfortunately shaped genitalia, Morgan lazily walked out on stage in a full Trump costume, complete with orange skin, awful wig, and impossibly tiny hands. “It’s a hilarious new character I’m doing, just go with it,” Morgan said, making no effort to do a Trump impression and seemingly irritated to be doing the bit at all. He proceeded to make reference to his wife, “Mesothelioma,” and called Vice President Mike Pence “an albino bitch.” The inconsistencies and the lack of commitment just added to the meta humor of the whole thing.


“I painted my whole body because I care about my craft,” Morgan said after complaining that the orange body paint was irritating his nipples. “Suck it, Alec Baldwin.” There’s a new fake Trump in town, and he’s pretty much just Tracy Morgan with a wig on.

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