(Photo: Getty Images)

According to a report from Deadline, Tracy Morgan is currently in talks to star alongside Ed Helms and Amanda Seyfried in director Dito Montiel’s The Clapper. The movie—which is based on a book that Montiel himself wrote—is about a “professional clapper” for infomercials who becomes famous when a talk-show host puts him on the air. Unfortunately, “that notoriety then ends up costing him personally,” which is usually how notoriety works out in movies. Morgan will be playing the best friend to Helms’ clapper, and Deadline says that his character “provides a good deal of the humor and charm of the script.” So it sounds like he’s getting the better role in all of this.

The Clapper will be a reunion for Morgan and Montiel, as the two previously worked together on the director’s 2011 cop drama The Son Of No One. It’ll also be a rare comedy gig for Montiel, who tends to make gritty crime dramas—unless a gritty crime drama breaks out in the middle of The Clapper, and that’s how the notoriety ends up costing Helms’ character.