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Tracy Morgan in intensive care after multi-vehicle crash

As reported by CNN, 30 Rock’s Tracy Morgan is in intensive care today after a six-car crash in New Jersey. Morgan was reportedly returning from a comedy show in Delaware when his limo bus overturned on the highway, resulting in the crash of two tractor-trailers and several other vehicles. One passenger on Morgan’s bus, James McNair, was killed on the scene, and seven other people—including Morgan—were sent to a nearby hospital. Morgan is apparently one of three with critical injuries, though a spokesperson for the hospital refused to give CNN any further details.

A police officer on the scene theorized that one of the tractor-trailers “may have rear-ended [Morgan’s] limo bus,” but he says that’s a “preliminary” guess. He also “does not believe” that alcohol was involved.


It sounds like most of the damage was localized to Morgan’s bus, with the officer also referring to it as “the only vehicle that overturned,” and Deadline is reporting that a local NBC station believes all of the injured people were passengers in the limo.

We’ll update if any other pertinent details develop, but as it stands now, Tracy Morgan is still in critical condition.


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