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Tracy Morgan forgives the truck driver who hit him in this Conan clip


In June of 2014, comedian Tracy Morgan was in a massive car crash in New Jersey where a truck driver working for Wal-Mart who hadn’t slept in more than 24 hours hit the car that Morgan was riding in. Morgan and several other passengers were put in intensive care, and one—fellow comedian James McNair—was killed. Over a year later, Morgan gave his first TV interview about the crash, appearing on Today to talk about his recovery. He hosted Saturday Night Live in October of 2015 and has since been making a return to acting and comedy.

Tonight, during an appearance on Conan, Morgan revealed that he has forgiven the driver who hit him, adding that he’s “not even mad at him anymore.” This is Tracy Morgan we’re talking about, though, so he quickly avoided making the chat too emotional by throwing in a joke about how his white neighbors are mad at the driver, because now they still have to live next to Tracy Morgan. It’s simultaneously touching and funny, but mostly it’s just good to see that Morgan is at peace with what happened.


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