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Track every joke from Arrested Development with Recurring Developments

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Though recurring jokes have always formed the lasting legacy of Arrested Development, rewarding multiple viewings with even more choice quotes, those elements were also allegedly such a barrier to entry for new viewers that it contributed directly to declining ratings and the show’s cancellation. But just in time for the new season, which bows on Netflix over Memorial Day weekend, comes Recurring Developments, an interactive visual compendium of every single recurring joke over the entire run of the series, here to refresh the memory of anyone who hasn’t finished their compulsory re-watch of the show. Choose from tracking one recurring element through each episode in which it appears—such as “No touching!” and foreshadowing the fate of Buster’s hand—or go episode by episode to see how densely layered the show’s self-referential humor got by the third season. With this resource, there's no excuse for missing a callback when the new episodes premiere.


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