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After spending 30 years on boorish American television—with its endless number of seasons and lack of a licensing fee—Tracey Ullman is returning to the BBC. Ullman will be hosting a six-part comedy series for the BBC, appropriately titled The Tracey Ullman Show. The BBC’s report doesn’t say what form the show will take—though sketch comedy seems like a safe assumption—or when it will premiere, but everyone involved seems pretty excited. Shane Allen, the BBC’s controller of comedy commissioning (a very British job title), said, “It’s about time the Americans gave her back,” adding that she “has been the missing gem in the British comedy crown for too long.” He also said that “talent doesn’t come much bigger” than Ullman, and that British TV viewers are “in for a huge treat.” American Tracey Ullman fans, however, will have to wait and see if some American network—like, say, Fox—decides to take this British Tracey Ullman Show and remake it for the United States. The American Tracey Ullman Show would probably feature some dumb cartoon segments with a horrible family, though.


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