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Trace Johnny Depp’s eclectic career in this video poem

Photo: Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images

Johnny Depp has certainly had one of the most interesting careers in Hollywood, becoming famous for playing unusual characters like Edward Scissorhands, Sweeney Todd, and Captain Jack Sparrow in the long-running Pirates Of The Caribbean franchise, which recently opened its fifth movie in the series, Dead Men Tell No Tales. As an ode to Depp’s long and varied career, YouTube channel JoBlo Videos now offers a 15-minute compilation of Depp career highlights called “Johnny Depp Is Kinda Crazy.” Warning: The rhyming couplet form stringing disparate facts together takes some getting used to, as in “Johnny Depp is rich, Johnny Depp is famous / Johnny Depp made Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas” and “Johnny Depp does not use Twitter, nothing to follow / He did all his own stunts in Sleepy Hollow.” And the sing-song style really does not match well with a reference to the domestic violence allegations against Depp during his marriage to Amber Heard.

Once you get used to the video’s bizarre rhythm, however, there are some long-lost details from the beginning of Depp’s career, like the fact that his old band The Kids opened up for The B-52s, and that Nicolas Cage helped him out at his start. Other factoids are still interesting, but unsurprising: He refused to use a cooling device on the set of Edward Scissorhands (which caused him to collapse from exhaustion), improvised much of Blow, and is afraid of clowns, spiders and ghosts. He also made an astonishing $75 million in 2011, although we don’t know if we can agree with the video’s assertion that he’s “worth every penny,” because that’s a hell of a lot of money (and helps explain his own vineyard, his private island, and his $30,000/month wine habit). Some of his more recent films have not been that financially successful, however: “Johnny Depp was in a film that made us all ask why / a box office bomb called Mortdecai,” although thanks to this video, we learn that he personally designed that mustache. Learn even more at the JoBlo Videos YouTube channel.


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