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Remember Toys R Us? The old toy retailer that had a giraffe mascot and went out of business a staggering seven whole months ago? Well, you obviously can’t keep a famous brand with a lot of nostalgia appeal down for long, because now—long after all of the employees have been fired—it looks like Toys R Us is coming back. That comes from The Wall Street Journal (via Polygon), which says that the lenders who now control Toys R Us have decided to pull out of the ongoing bankruptcy auction to try and get something out of the Toys R Us brand.


In other words, Toys R Us isn’t back yet, but the people who own it now have realized that there’s more value here than just what little money they can make from stripping it for parts. That probably would’ve been nice to figure out before hundreds of stores were closed and—again—countless employees were fired, but at least Geoffrey The Giraffe won’t be living on the street anymore.

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