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Toy Story 4 could've had the exact opposite ending

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[The following contains spoilers for Toy Story 4 and also an alternate universe version of Toy Story 4 that had a different ending.]

Toy Story 4 ended with a somewhat surprising resolution, especially given the plots of the first three movies, with Woody realizing that it was possible for him to live a fulfilling life without needing to tie his very existence to the attention of some kid. Along with Bo Peep, Woody left all of his friends and their new owner Bonnie so he could live on the road, free from the pressures of appearing in future Toy Story movies. However, as reported by Entertainment Weekly, the upcoming home version of Toy Story 4 includes an alternate ending that is literally the exact opposite of what happened in the movie.

EW has a rough animatic sequence detailing this alternate ending, but the basic idea is that, rather than fully committing herself to the idea that she doesn’t need a kid to be happy, Bo Peep has a realization that she should dedicate her life to “the kid from the store” (as seen earlier in the film). As EW explains, this is completely contrary to the preceding events in Toy Story 4, so it seems unlikely that Pixar just flipped a coin and decided on the other ending, which would mean that there might be an unfinished version of the film deep in the Pixar vaults that is about a completely different thing.


You can learn more about Toy Story 4's special features when the Blu-ray comes out on October 8.

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