Do you remember the recent news report that your beloved Star Wars and superhero drinking glasses have been softening your brain with toxically high levels of lead and cadmium, making it difficult for you to recall recent news reports? The Consumer Product Safety Commission has now clarified a statement it made last month to the Associated Press calling such glasses “children’s products,” which would put them squarely in violation of federal limits on lead content—in some cases, exceeding them by 1,000 times the maximum.

But according to CPSC spokesman, there’s actually no need to recall these glasses because hey, they’re not meant for kids: Despite their colorful exteriors featuring characters mostly beloved by children, “after thoughtful analysis by child behavior experts at CPSC, it has been determined that the glasses are not children's products. The size, weight, packaging and price of the glasses sampled by CPSC are consistent with glasses more commonly used for consumption of adult beverages." So keep on serving up highballs in your Jabba The Hutt glass; after all, if you’re old enough to drink “adult beverages,” you’re old enough to handle a little lead.