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Tori Amos to debut extremely Tori Amos-y musical next year

Singing incense stick Tori Amos has co-written a new musical that is set to debut at London’s National Theatre on April 2012. As she’s discussed in recent interviews, the project is a musical adaptation of George MacDonald’s The Light Princess, a 19th-century fairy tale about a princess cursed with a lack of gravity that causes her to float above the world, which is just about the most Tori Amos-y thing we’ve ever heard. Do her tears also splash to the ground and turn into wild horses? No, but Amos did say that she intends to for the musical to be a “a rite of passage for a young girl into womanhood,” as well as “explore modern-day illnesses such as anorexia”—and then there are songs with titles like “Delectable Guy Pain,” which, we take it back, now it's the most Tori Amos-y thing we’ve ever heard. Anyway, gravity-defying, men in pain… You can make your own Julie Taymor jokes from here.

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