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Topher Grace joins David Robert Mitchell’s Under The Silver Lake

(Photo: Getty Images/WireImage, Matt Winkelmeyer)

For his first film after the breakout horror hit It Follows, director David Robert Mitchell is making a crime noir thriller set in modern-day Los Angeles called Under The Silver Lake. We reported back in May that the film will star Andrew Garfield, but at the time that was pretty much all we knew. Now, Deadline has revealed that Garfield will be joined by Topher Grace, and it has offered up some new details about the plot of the film.

According to the story, Garfield will be playing “a man who becomes obsessed with the strange circumstances of a billionaire mogul’s murder,” with the killing somehow intersecting with “dog murderers” and the “cult indie music scene.” Grace will play a friend of Garfield’s character “who helps him with an investigation surrounding a missing woman.” Presumably, the missing woman and the dead billionaire are connected, but we don’t know that yet for sure. Also, this does sound like it could be a suitably weird follow-up to It Follows, so that’s a good sign.


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