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Top Gun sequel now being served up by The Town screenwriter

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Perhaps sensing that hiring X-Men: First Class writers Ashley Miller and Zack Stentz would render the homoerotic subtext as blaring as a Kenny Loggins arena rock song, producer Jerry Bruckheimer has instead handed the screenplay to Peter Craig, whose screenplay for The Town captured the ineffable, co-dependent love between men as they handle a lot of firepower without being all obvious about it. As has been reported since about two years ago, Bruckheimer is expected to reunite on the project with both director Tony Scott and Tom Cruise (in some capacity), and the story—which has also passed through the hands of Christopher McQuarrie—is still expected to focus on the “computer geeks” who engage in remote warfare with unmanned drones, then blow off steam with partying that is also “unmanned,” if you get what we’re saying, because they definitely like girls. Of course, that’s all up to Craig now, as Variety notes that he’s the first to get the ball actually rolling, sending it over the net of lingering doubt about the project in a sensuously languorous arc from the erect tip of his toned and tawny pen.


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