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Tool is doing something, though it might be nothing

The progressive rockers in Tool haven’t put out a proper studio album since 2006’s 10,000 Days, and though we know the band was in the studio earlier this year, we still haven’t heard any official details about a new record. Until now, that is. Actually, no, we still haven’t. Tool is up to something, though. We’re maybe sure of that.

As reported by Consequence Of Sound, a news post recently appeared on the official Tool website—which has apparently not been redesigned since 1996—that said, simply, “Wait for it…” and nothing else. So what are we supposed to wait for? Information about a new album seems like a safe bet, but CoS also points out that the members of Tool’s subreddit think it might refer to a possible concert appearance on Halloween. That’s the spookiest day you can have a concert, so we’re down with that, but that would be definitely less exciting than a new album. For now, we’ll just…wait for it.


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