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“Too Many Clones” revels in Tatiana Maslany’s many Orphan Black roles

Over the course of three seasons (soon to be four), Orphan Black has revealed Tatiana Maslany’s incredible talent for playing a variety of characters. By adopting different accents, postures, and mannerisms, Maslany is able to inhabit clones pretending to be other clones with a multilayered performance that has impressed many audience members. What most people may not know is that Maslany isn’t just playing different versions of clones, but also such diverse characters as a tail, a phone, and someone’s hair.

At least, that’s the idea behind Orphan Crack’s new video “Too Many Clones” which takes the “Too Many Cooks” theme song and font and applies it to Maslany’s many, increasingly-absurd roles that she plays on the sci-fi drama.

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