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Tony Stark's cabin from Avengers: Endgame is on Airbnb

Photo: Avengers: Endgame

Do you need a place to get away for a bit? Did you fail to stop an intergalactic genocidal maniac from wiping out half of all life and then drifted in space for a while, playing paper football with a cyborg? And then when you got back to Earth, reunited with your friends, and found where the villain was hiding out, was it too late to use his magic gems to bring everyone back to life? If so, there’s an Airbnb listing that might be perfect for you, because it’s the exact cabin used for Tony Stark’s house in Avengers: Endgame.

This was uncovered by a Reddit user named Brayud (via Entertainment Weekly), and the cabin is located about 20 minutes from Atlanta’s airport. Interestingly, though, the cabin was originally listed without any reference to its use in Avengers: Endgame, but EW contacted the owners and got confirmation that it is the same one, with them even mentioning that they’re listed in the movie’s credits. Unfortunately, all of this attention tipped off the owners to the fact that they could be charging so much more money for a stay at this place, with the initial price going from $335 per night (hilarious meme via Reddit, obviously) to $800 per night.


The listing has also been updated to reflect the cabin’s fame, saying that it’s perfect for “taking photos and sending text/emails to friends regarding your stay in the Marvel Avengers: Endgame cabin” (it also specifically forbids smoking and parties, so don’t have too much fun texting your friends). The listing even suggests checking out where everyone “stood for the wreath floating in the lake,” which sounds like a nice, fun time. Of course, if you’re already paying $800 per night, you might as well recreate Tony Stark’s funeral. What else are you going to do? Work on the holographic science table to figure out the secret to using Pym Particles for time travel? Well too bad, because the holographic science table is not included.

Also, it’s unclear from the included photos if the Captain America bench is actually on this lake, but if you can afford to blow $800 on an Airbnb, you can afford to bring your own bench and a trusted friend you can pass your shield on to. Please make sure to explain where the shield came from, though, because Thanos totally broke the original one and pulling a different shield from history would’ve broken the timeline.

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