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Tony Soprano's house is for sale, in case you need a base for your legitimate business operations

Photo: HBO (Getty Images)

Attention law-abiding civilians looking for a place to live in New Jersey, regardless of whether or not you have connections to any organizations: The house in North Caldwell, New Jersey, used for the exterior shots of Tony Soprano’s house on HBO’s The Sopranos is for sale, and it might be perfect for you and your—wink wink—family. As reported by The New York Times, the 5,600 square-foot home is listed for $3.4 million, and it features four bedrooms, four bathrooms, a powder room, two two-car garages, and a guest house, all of which provide a reasonable level of—you know—privacy. There’s also the iconic kitchen island seen in the series, which would be perfect for—nudge nudge—making large amounts of Italian pasta.

It’s worth noting that the $3.4 million price tag is significantly larger than what other houses in the area have gone for, but the current owners (Patti and Victor Recchia) believe that the house has an “intrinsic value” that cannot be quantified. Speaking of the Recchias, they say Sopranos fans regularly visit the house, with a group of motorcyclists recently stopping in front of the house and addressing Patti Recchia as “Mrs. Soprano” when asking if they could take some photos. It also became a memorial of sorts for Sopranos star James Gandolfini after he died in 2013, with fans reportedly leaving “flowers, candles, and a bag of dried ziti near the curb.”


The pilot episode of The Sopranos was filmed inside the house, but subsequent episodes were filmed at a recreation on a soundstage. Still, the crews would return every year to film exterior shots, with the Recchias hosting various Sopranos actors and celebrities during the course of the show’s run. They probably won’t be showing up as often now that the show is over, but maybe the upcoming movie will inspire Steve Buscemi to stop by again. Anyone interested can make an offer at sopranoshouseforsale@gmail.com, as long as they have “proof of funds.”

Interpret that however you choose to, but now that we’re thinking about it, selling this house through an email address and not a realtor does seem... perfectly legitimate.

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