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Tony Shalhoub joins the cast of Nurse Jackie

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Few celebrities these days are lucky enough to have the kind of smoldering attractiveness that makes everyone stop and pay attention when they walk into a room, and none can pull it off quite as impressively as one actor in particular: Monk’s Tony Shalhoub. Now, as reported by Entertainment Weekly, Shalhoubanauts—that’s what we’ve decided to call his fans—will be able to catch him as a new recurring character on Showtime’s Nurse Jackie. Shalhoub will be playing Bernard Prince, a doctor who EW describes as having “great bedside manner.” And before you ask, they probably mean in a doctor way, not in a sex way. Dr. Prince will also apparently be a good friend to Edie Falco’s titular Nurse Jackie, who was arrested at the end of last season and could use a hunky new friend like Tony Shalhoub.


This will be one of Shalhoub’s first TV roles since Monk ended in 2009, provided we all agree to forget that he was on CBS’ short-lived We Are Men. Since then, he appeared in a Michael Bay movie and mentored a bunch of mutant teenagers in the ways of the ninja. We assume he’ll be glad to be back on TV after that. As for Nurse Jackie, it’s set to return at some point in 2015.

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