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Not to be outdone by his brother Ridley’s just-announced plans to revisit a cult classic, Tony Scott has reportedly entered talks with Warner Bros. about directing that new version of The Wild Bunch first rumored back in January, during the winter of our recycled content. Deadline now ranks The Wild Bunch among the top three projects Scott is currently considering as a follow-up to his crazy-train thriller Unstoppable, with the other two being Hell’s Angels—a drama about the titular motorcycle gang that’s earmarked for Jeff Bridges, like every movie with a lead male role over 40—and the similarly long-rumored Top Gun sequel, which remains a “high priority” for Scott, as its release could well mark the turning point in our ongoing war efforts. Details are scarce on Scott’s new take on The Wild Bunch—particularly whether it will still be a Western, given that nobody seems to want to make those right now—but you can probably assume he’ll find a way to get Denzel Washington in there.


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