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Tony Kaye is developing a movie about the woman who jumped off of the Hollywood sign

According to Deadline, some filmmakers are “finally” making a movie about Peg Entwistle. Why “finally”? Well, Entwistle is the 24-year-old actress who, in 1932, killed herself by jumping off of the Hollywood sign after she was cut out of a movie—and also after she discovered that her husband, actor Robert Keith, had a secret six-year-old son he never told her about. Yes, a struggling actress literally used the Hollywood sign to commit suicide, and the studios somehow managed to avoid turning it into a movie for 82 years. The whole industry deserves to be commended for that surprising show of restraint, at least.

That’s over now, though, because Rush Hour producer Arthur Sarkissian and American History X director Tony Kaye are going to be making a movie about Entwistle’s life. The film will reportedly be “in the vein of the Alfred Hitchcock classic Vertigo and David Fincher’s Seven,” which are weird comparisons to make since this doesn’t involve any sort of mystery. It’s a tragic story, definitely, but it’s not really thriller material, is it? Oh well, so much for that surprising show of restraint.


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