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Tony Hawk’s Larry David costume was pretty, pretty, pretty good

Photo: Tony Hawk's Instagram

One could be forgiven for thinking this is actually just a photo of Curb Your Enthusiasm’s Larry David, on sabbatical from the upcoming ninth season to pursue his true dream of shredding, all day and all night.


And yet, this man grinding the rails and doing sweet kick-flips is not 69-year-old Larry David. It’s iconic pro skater Tony Hawk, wearing what can only be described as an extremely convincing Halloween costume. Take some solace knowing that Hawk didn’t whip this thing up himself the afternoon before a party, like you did that “chef” costume several years ago that was actually just a large white shirt and a spatula. On Instagram, Hawk shouts out a professional hairdresser and makeup artist for helping him achieve the look. Said hairdresser, Georgette Sweet, posted a couple more shots of the finished results, as well as a making-of video.

The real Larry David, meanwhile, has probably gotten his fill playing dress-up this year, serving as Bernie Sanders in a run of SNL sketches. And whatever skating he’s done, he’s kept it confined to his backyard halfpipe.


[via Uproxx]

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