Veep and Arrested Development star Tony Hale will be deploying his expertly crafted bafflement in service of a new feature film by starring in the indie comedy Brave New Jersey. The movie, directed by People Like Us writer Jody Lambert, centers on Orson Welles’ October 30, 1938 radio transmission of The War Of The Worlds, which, according to legend, incited panic in many small towns whose residents believed that the alien invasion being depicted was really happening.

Hale will play the mayor of one such town in the titular courageous state, where he’ll be joined for various levels of panic by Dan Bakkedahl, Sam Jaeger, Harp Sandman, and several others. In the interest of not causing a similar level of hysterical rioting with this transmission, we’d like to reassure our readers that, while the existence of a young actor willingly operating under the name Harp Sandman has been confirmed, there’s no reason to think that the 12-year-old Sandman, who plays a Polish immigrant named Ziggy in the film, means anyone any harm. Readers are advised to stay in their homes, keep plenty of Ovaltine on hand, and keep their internet radios tuned to this frequency for further information until this crisis eventually runs its course.