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Tony Danza and Vince Vaughn are making an ABC sitcom together

In what's proving to be a surprisingly banner week for Tony Danza, Vince Vaughn, and sitcoms that feel time-warped in from the early '90s, Tony Danza and Vince Vaughn are partnering on a multi-camera comedy for ABC, with Danza potentially returning to the home of Taxi and Who's The Boss? to take on his first lead sitcom role since 1997's The Tony Danza Show. According to Variety, the premise dreamed up by Danza's manager—and "jokingly" titled The Guys, at least until it just is—concerns "three old friends whose lives have taken them down very different roads," an open road and a road that's hidden, until they find a brand new life around the bend by sharing a bachelor pad near their kids and grandkids, then begin new chapters by dating and stuff even though they are old. As of now the show only exists in those tentatively broad, Men Of A Certain Age-by-way-of-The Exes strokes, but ABC is reportedly close to finalizing a deal to bring Danza back to the network, so expect more details to be filled in soon, such as confirmation that Danza's character will be named "Tony."


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