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Toni Collette and Anna Kendrick are going to Mars

Photo: Tim P. Whitby (Getty Images), Charley Gallay (Getty Images for PORTER Incredible Women Gala 2019)

According to Variety, Toni Collette and Anna Kendrick are set to star in a new sci-fi thriller from Joe Penna and Ryan Morrison, the team behind the Mads Mikkelsen survival film Arctic that was shown at Cannes last year. The project is called Stowaway, and in what we’re going to assume is an unintentional Lost In Space riff, the movie is about a team of astronauts heading to Mars whose mission gets sidetracked by a stowaway who accidentally wrecks the life support system.

Collette will be playing the cold and clinical ship’s commander, with Kendrick playing a medical researcher who is the only “dissenting voice” against Collette’s commands. Variety doesn’t say who will be playing the Dr. Smith on this ill-fated mission to Mars, but it sounds like the inadvertent saboteur will be more innocent in Stowaway than the sniveling, weirdo villain from Lost In Space—though both Kendrick and Collette would be excellent as sniveling, weirdo villains, if only this project were going in that direction.


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