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Tommy Wiseau's Marvel remix of The Room is the thing broken brains are made of

At the :58 (oh hi) mark of this video, you may find yourself wondering aloud, “What the fuck am I watching?” And then things get weird. Weirder, even, than the kooky surreality implied by your average Tommy Wiseau “project.” It is around this time that Wiseau’s mashup of Marvel Studios and The Room, lovingly titled Avengers: Friend Game, mutates into something exceptionally strange, taking on the so-bad-it-might-be-genius sheen that has come to define Wiseau’s directorial debut. It is, in a word, anti-cinema. But it is also so much more. It’s a music video. An ode to friendship. A sing-a-long. A revisionist take on the Marvel mythos. A short film in which Greg Sestero confronts Thanos in a climactic interlude featuring the word “edamame.” And perhaps Greg (oh hi Greg) has a point: Why can’t Thanos just snap his fingers and summon edamame, instead of, you know, destroying half the planet?


And then we’re off again on another musical adventure, featuring surprisingly decent editing that is surely beyond Wiseau’s skill set, in which he proclaims “Oh hi, doggy” at Rocket Raccoon and refers to Nebula as “Claudette.” After five minutes and 35 seconds, you may feel artistically reinvigorated or maybe extremely confused, or perhaps as though your brain has just experienced the cerebral version of a master cleanse. They say electroshock therapy is dead. Those people have not witnessed Marvel Studios’ The Room.

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