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Tommy Wiseau's here to fill the Sharknado-shaped hole in your heart

Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero’s last collaboration, Best F(r)iends, looked like a step up from the brain-melting ineptitude of The Room, with an outside director mining the pair’s odd-couple chemistry for something other than laughs. Expect no such defiance from their new project, though, as Big Shark very clearly hopes to fill the gaping wound left by Sharknado’s final chomp.


Wiseau debuted a teaser for the project in London last week, revealing that the film follows three firefighters in New Orleans (played by Wiseau, Sestero, and Isaiah Laborde) who must square off against the titular beast. You can now watch that teaser, which finds the trio unlucky in love as they navigate the Big Easy. And, this being a Wiseau movie, the funniest part isn’t the CGI shark so much as it is Wiseau’s mumbly commentary. “Water! Look at that,” he observes as a wave inexplicably crashes at their feet.

A cursory glance at Laborde’s IMDb page shows that he’s produced a number of shark flicks, including Trailer Park Shark and Nightmare Shark, so one shouldn’t expect this to deviate too far from the schlocky SyFy template. The selling point is Wiseau, who’s also revealed that the film has yet to complete filming. The teaser’s here to help scare up funding, which, considering the man’s ubiquity in a post-Disaster Artist age, shouldn’t be too hard.

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