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Tommy Wiseau wants to remake The Room in 3D, has designed new underwear

The Room

It’s always fun to check in on The Room’s director/star/writer/whatever Tommy Wiseau and see what the film community’s favorite…performance artist(?) is up to these days. Granted, even after you check in on him you’re usually no closer to finding out what he’s up to, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth trying. As a matter of fact, The Hollywood Reporter tried to do just that recently and it sounds like everyone involved walked away with a much deeper understanding of each other. Nah, just kidding. Wiseau actually sort of avoided giving any real answers to THR’s questions, and he suggested that any inquiries about James Franco’s adaptation of The Disaster Artist should be directed at James Franco (which, yeah, fair enough).

The big bombshell to come from the interview, though, is that Wiseau says he’s thinking of remaking The Room in 3D, which is obviously a real thing he’s planning to do and not the sort of bananas joke that Wiseau would make. On a related note, he also says he has started designing underwear that he’s “very proud of” because “it improves your sexuality by 40 percent.” So, to the extent that you can believe he has invented underwear that can improve your sexuality, then sure, he’s going to remake The Room in 3D.


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