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Tommy Wiseau’s new sitcom will screen in NYC soon, here’s a look at the insane poster

Tommy Wiseau’s long-gestating sitcom The Neighbors—a.k.a. Tommy Wiseau’s The Neighbors or maybe Tommy Wiseau Presents The Neighbors—will have its first public screenings at New York’s Sunshine Cinema on September 26-27, alongside Wiseau’s disasterpiece feature film, The Room. The show has been in the works for a decade, with an insane trailer making the rounds for the past few years. Back in July, Wiseau launched a website for the show, featuring a bit more footage alongside a synopsis that might generously be called “complicated.” (See above.) But now he’s ready to unleash the show on the world alongside midnight screenings of The Room, which Wiseau has been cheerfully participating in for years. One of the show’s non-Wiseau producers told us that these screenings—no more have been announced yet—would be the only way to see The Neighbors for now. We’ve also got another interview with Wiseau in the works, a follow-up to this 2009 conversation. Below, you can behold the majesty of the first The Neighbors poster, which features an incredible number of characters, two of whom are played by Wiseau himself. The demographic is all inclusive.


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